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What should you expect for your initial consult?

Here is a pic of my clinic.. Here is where I see most of my initial clients...

There is zoom consults available but I love seeing people face to face for the first time at least.. Here you will be welcomed into a clam environment and given the chance to be heard..

Here is the chance to tell your story .. We sit together to go through your health history right from birth up to the reason you are here today.. We unpack your life, I collect details from your diet, exercise, and stress coping to previous illness and current symptoms..

This is a safe space.. No judgement.. Just listening.. and sharing.. The we come up with a plan.. A one month plan.. A three month plan.. We set realistic goals.. We work out the steps to achieve them..

Then you leave feeling like you have control back in your own hands again.. I do some more research and I compile a report I email you outlining your story and our plan..

Sound like something you need?

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