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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does a Nutritionist Do?

Nutritionists support people to take care of their bodies and wellbeing with food.  In collaboration with your GP, I will focus on understanding and revamping the eating attitudes and lifestyle behaviours that are effecting your current health.


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How can you help me? 

I work in a variety of settings such as private practice, preschool health, personal trainer collaborations, family health, and chronic healthcare. I really get to know individuals.  I am not here to remove all the pleasure from your diet.. I am not here for a quick fix or to send you on yet another rebound. I am passionate about teaching my clients strategies that will last them for life. 

Can you provide dietary recommendations to improve gut health? 

You bet! Based on your symptoms, test results, sensitivities and food likes/dislikes, we'll design a custom eating plan to help repair and restore your gut. This may include elimination diets, anti-inflammatory foods, specific supplements, etc. tailored to your needs.

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How Often Should You See A Nutritionist ?

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This is something to be discussed directly with you. The frequency of sessions can vary, often involving more frequent sessions at the beginning of therapy, and becoming less frequent once you are engaging in behaviour change.

We start with the 'Assessment Phase', we engage in an intensive history and symptom tracker, based on the latest scientific research we formulate a plan.  Followed by an immediate sooth and relieve treatment. This can take some time.   We need to build up the integrity and resilience of your health and we continue with a 'Maintenance Phase'.  This will also vary depending on the complexity of the issues we are addressing.

Can you provide guidance on probiotics and prebiotics?

Finding the right probiotics and prebiotics for your unique gut can get confusing with all the options out there! I can recommend specific strains based on your health status and advise how to incorporate prebiotic foods. I'll also give tips on how to make them most effective.


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