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Children's Nutrition - Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies...


Did you know we are born with immature bitter and sour taste buds? The sweet taste buds on the other hand, are very mature and so children gravitate towards sweet foods.

It’s an evolutionary thing as it helps newborn babies seek out the breast because breastmilk is sweet.

Bitter and sour flavours, have to be learned. We find children really may not like vegetables actually because sweeter foods give them a much greater ‘buzz’!

This post are about getting children to eat more vegetables and the positive talk in your household about this nutrient dense food group..

Vegetables give your child no only energy, vitamins, anti-oxidants, but also fibre and water. They help protect your child against chronic diseases later in life, including heart disease, stroke and some cancers. A healthy diet means eating plenty of vegetables,

Here are some tips for getting kids to eat more veggies!

* Make them look nice - Skewers, dips, rainbows, and differing shapes and sizes..

* Eat them with every meal.. If they are always on the plate - our children are creatures of habits seeing something in common place makes it ‘the norm’

* Make them tasty - Don’t be afraid of a small amount of salt , nutritional yeast or even cheese to add flavour to vegetables..

* Let them serve themselves - Allowing children to serve themselves allow them to regain some control.

* Serve vegetables as snack and meal especially when they are hungry - At our house we eat vegetables and brown rice often as a large snack at 430pm… When they are so hungry they would just about eat anything..

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