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Could You Create Meals For a Family Of Four for $100??

So here is the challenge .. $100 to spend on food and feed a family of four for 7 days.. That is around $3.50 a meal.. The challenge is for dinners only but I think we can make lunches too! (At least some)

So how do I cut costs before I have even shopped? We decided to have meat only twice a week. At these days crazy prices, my son 'the fisherman' will have to catch a fish if we are going to eat fresh fish this week.

I need to make food that the kids will actually eat.. So it wont be a curry or a casserole or beef chilli.. That is just not going to get eaten by my kids..

I will definitely be using some spices to add flavour as we don't do processed flavour. I will be using the slow cooker, I will be using grains and pasta to bulk it up.. We will make bread at some stage..

So If you are interested in joining the challenge.. You can follow along or just watch from afar.. I will show you through the week, share the recipes and pics and support all the others in my challenge. Feel free to follow along on Facebook or Instagram to our $100 food challenge..

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