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Get to Know Me..

Here is a pic of my old life …. Portofino Italy .. Working as a chef on the 50 metre super yacht ‘Happy Days’

For 13 years I worked my way across the world on different super yachts working in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and throughout the States.

I had the privilege of working and befriending with some beautiful humans in this time and fitting in more destinations than most people have the chance to in a lifetime ..

Buying provisions from tiny markets in distant villages and wandering the streets of huge cities.. Meeting farmers and fishermen that spoke the international language of food..

Attending events meant for celebrates and eating in some of the best restaurants in the world ..

When I say I know food.. I know food.. I loved trying things right there in the markets .. Buying things and learning what they are and how to prepare them .. Taking them back to my incredible galley and serving food up to guests that they would talk about for years to come ..

Every destination had different cuisine and every guest had different requirements.

It was an incredible experience as a chef to have free range and basically no budget.. There is nothing quite like it..

This was one part of my career that lead me to the point of combining cooking with a deeper knowledge of nutrition and health..

I am still cooking each meal with the knowledge I have gathered from all those destinations.. Just not with the same budget!!

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