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Amy Persiani Nutrition Presents

A New Sustainable Kind of Meal Planning..

I see so many friends and clients struggling to think up something new and interesting for dinner..  They are wasting food every week.. Struggling to organise the week in ahead so they don’t end up dialling dinner or opening packets and jars to feed their growing families.. 

I have created this monthly Clean Eating Plan that comes on an easy to use smart phone app.. The plan is adaptable .. You can choose which nights you eat which recipe.. Lunches are changeable .. Breakfasts are mostly made ahead of time. 

This is a chance to regain your household organisation.. A chance to straighten out the creases in your morning routine.. To look forward to every meal .. And of course to take ALL the credit for it..

In case you’re CURIOUS, the clean eating plan will guide you through...

  • A weekly shopping list of easy to find whole foods (no funky stuff you have never heard of) 

  • Simple step-by-step recipes . These are lunches dinners and breakfasts that will get you excited about food again..  

  • An easy to use smart phone app that allows you to keep a daily log your steps, water intake, daily gratitudes and sleep .

  • Guided support with an instant message system if you wobble, lose your way or doubt yourself…

The best part?  

I created this eating plan to be plant based to give you the choice to add meat or other protein or to transition your self to a more plant based diet…

This is a commitment … A clean up .. 

This programme is 4 weeks long … Made up of 5 clean lunches and 5 delicious dinners EACH WEEK  .. Oh and 3 breakfasts EACH WEEK .. 

Is it sustainable? Because it is not 7 nights a week so there is scope for treat nights, left overs or nights out …

 This plan gives you organisation and nutrient dense recipes without being bossy or restrictive. 

It will help you set up for making great food choices, diminishing  food cravings, and rejuvenating your gut health.  

You can hand over the reins to an international trained chef who is a mum and a nutritionist  .. This is your chance to be super healthy and quick in the kitchen.  

This plan takes away the decision fatigue and starts some great new lifestyle habits..

This plan doesn’t ask you to throw out all the preservative and additive filled packets in your pantry but after you start eating this way you will probably want to!



 Click below to join our clean eating crew 

Clean Eating Programme : Welcome
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