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Are You Wanting to Make Change But Dont Know where to Start?

Some people find eating healthy easy  - I never did ... 

 As a nutritionist I enjoy working with each unique individual client  and their complicated health history.  What are your goals? What concerns you the most right now? 

 I can provide not only weight loss advice, but clean eating education. With comprehensive plans that are catered to each individual’s needs. This specialised service puts my client's on the right track to healthy eating and living well. I always collaborate  with Personal Trainers, GPs, and other specialist to create realistic long lasting results that last. 

 If you want to get away from processed products, feel better and get more nutrients and energy from your diet, get in touch today, book a nutritional consultation and start taking control of your life with my great tools and techniques.

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Got a Diagnosis? Lets Make a Plan That Allows You to Take Back Your Life and Thrive..


 Are you looking for an integrative approach to managing illness? I take pride in carefully evaluating each client and formulating a personalised plan based on your specific needs.  Short term and long term, let's talk about what you can do to achieve the best results in collaboration with your current healthcare specialists.

Each consult is captured in a thorough report you share with your specialists and GP so an open relationship about your wellbeing is attained. 

Children Nutrition Plans, Both Individual and Preschool Support. 

Are you concerned about your childs behaviour, sleep, concentration span or mood?


We all want the best for our kids, and ensuring they are healthy and thriving is something I am especially passionate about. Parenting is an incredibly hard job I want to be part of your village.. 


I have studied and qualified under the guidance of the world renowned PANS specialist Keonie Moore.  Learning about inflammation and its effects on children ignited my passion for helping children and their families.   Using genetic testing, and other specific microbiome pathology we get a  a clear science based answer as to why some children need more digestive support. 


I also work at Preschool, childcare facility level.  Proper nutrition and digestion for children impacts on everything, from growth, mood, sleep, behaviour and learning capabilities.  Creating seasonal menus plans are proven to include even the pickiest eaters! 

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Creating eating habits to last a lifetime 

Book Free Discovery Call

Taking that first step can often feel overwhelming, I totally get that. I’m here to listen, without judgement, to whatever is causing you concern. 

Click the START NOW button to book a no obligation chat with me. Lets see how my services can benefit you .. During our discovery call we can discuss your objectives, explore what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. . This is an opportunity to discuss what options are available to you and for me to answer any questions that you may have



A World Class Chef who knows nutrition,  based on the Central Coast of New South Wales 

Amy Persiani is a professional Nutritionist (AdvNutMed) qualified here in Australia who specializes in nutritional guidance and dietary education for individuals and their families.


She is committed to forming relationships with clients and encouraging ongoing self care and health management.  She is passionate about supporting those with chronic illness, and all nutrition for kids.

Tailoring plans for individuals, Amy uses genetic testing and pathology to gather science based in-depth knowledge  to best meet their needs.  Amy's first career as an international yacht chef enables her to incorporate nutrition into real recipes that taste incredible and actually work. As a mother of two active kids she creates realistic plans and goals for clients that are attainable and  fit into today's busy lifestyle.

Amy has created a clean eating programme which is improving not only peoples habits but their relationships with food.  She has developed a proven seasonal NSW regulation menu plan for use in preschools. This enables early learning chefs and cooks guidance from of her wealth of knowledge as they prepare recipes Amy has created.



Feel free get in touch for an initial consult or to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle today.. 

Our Clients Say

This program has changed my relationship with food.  My cupboard is now stocked with wholesome ingredients, and I have learned to create dishes that are quick, super-tasty and satisfying.I lost my sugar cravings (and some centimetres from my stomach) along the way, and can't imagine going back to eating empty and careless calories.My energy levels are so much higher now than they have been in a long time, and I am giong to keep up the healthy changes in habits that I have made.After four weeks of healthy eating I am excited that I will be ending lockdown in a healthier place than when we started.

Tracey -  Rozelle 


193 Booker Bay Rd, Booker Bay NSW 2257, Australia

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